Evaluating the top-rated enterprise eCommerce platforms

Evaluating the top-rated enterprise eCommerce platforms

If you are planning on starting research which will help you find the best enterprise eCommerce platforms, you should know that a task like this can be quite complex. First of all, there are dozens of solutions on the market and new ones are added all the time. Next, each of them has different features that can be quite confusing. In addition, you have to take a few other factors into account before you make a decision. To save you time (and money), our team has created a nice list of platforms like this.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Some users might know this platform as Demandware, but it’s now called Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This is a SaaS solution designed and developed for businesses that are present on multiple sales channels at once. This is an integrated platform that lets business owners manage sales in both land-based and digital channels from one place. Keep in mind that this is primarily a B2C solution. There’s a special B2B version of this platform which has similar features – Salesforce Cloudcaze. In any case, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is focused on enterprises and it provides many interesting features to the users.

Shopify Plus

There are just a few eCommerce platforms that don’t need a special introduction and one of them is Shopify Plus. Developed by the famous Canadian brand, this is one of the most used enterprise-level eCommerce platforms today. With Shopify Plus, users can regulate and manage different aspects of their business ventures. For example, they can start accepting a wide range of payment options in different currencies. In addition, they can use dozens of different apps to improve the overall functionality of their website. Finally, every user can select one of the many responsive, mobile-friendly templates and modify it later if needed.

Oracle Commerce Cloud

In the end, we have Oracle Commerce Cloud on this list. This is a platform that uses cloud technology and represents a special version of the popular Oracle Commerce (on-premise solution) product. It’s good to know that Oracle Commerce Cloud works well for B2C and B2B users. This is an option which supports omnichannel retailing and comes with a wide range of AI features and options. Even though this platform comes with many native features, it’s very likely that you will have to develop new features and in order to do this, you will need the help of professional developers and designers.

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